My first web pages about Waterfalls in Malaysia was created on the 27th August 1998. Soon followed by this personal page on  15th October 1999


 Khong Tuck Khoon personal blog

Now it has being a good 14 years since this hobby of preparing websites started. How this hobby came about?

From the time when I was in secondary school I began with roaming of the hills in Penang and cycling to explore the rural roads. That interest sustained until now and all I can tell you is that I did all that when I was young. But with the computer and the internet, I could now write down all these experiences and facilitates myself in recalling all those interesting moments. One thing leads to another. The saying "It is not finished until the paperwork is done."

It is so true as we would never remember all interesting details like dates, persons and events. But with record, the happenings are so vivid. That was how the websites began and remained. From the early days of crude, simple but flowery presentations that needs polishing to look more matured, and that is what I am trying to do that right now.

Talking about hobby after retirement, this task of mine is occupying up to 50% of my awake time. This is not my first love but degenerate into a task which brings a sense of achievement and which I find rewarding.

This task involved putting my fingers into many pies. Like getting free space such as this one, learning to use html languages to generate the web pages and worse of all designing the pages and getting it accepted by search engines e.g. Google that my sites do contained material that are worthwhile to be listed.

As a greedy person driven by the fact that I collected tons of data, I started with 2 sites with Geocities, then 3 sites with Fortunecity and then 2 more sites with Tripod. Later other companies like Zoom, Freeservers and lastly Multiply. All these free web sites providers were also in their pioneering days. After 10 years, preparation of personal website was no longer a trend, under a host of reasons like waste of space, difficult to compose impressive sites and the details - petty. Changes in more friendly format like those of blogs and short clips as in Facebook took over. The company providing the free space too, ended their business taking them all my sites. Was not too hard for me to accept as these sites of mine were outdated and though with greater details than many prevailing commercial sites were not well designed. I too, accepted the fact that there would not be no more posting by me on the subjects of travel and food.

I will focus on topic involving nature and some specific places with niche interest.

Currently I am picking up the pieces. Bits and pieces of information of those defunct websites and polishing up those tat remains. This particular page for example has being changed several times, neglected over long period now given new contents

Compared with the tens of sites that I used to have, summarizing what I could salvage now. They are:-

My profile - a little bit about my past activities and contact numbers
My bird pictures - This is my "main site" right now. Paid and without those nasty ads. Till now this page is not finshed and still has a long way to go. I am splitting my priority now, going away from the birds off and on.
Waterfalls of Southern Thailand - Bear with me I am trying to update this site. Traveling to Thailand was my second love. I had pages on Krabi, Phi Phi etc Kanchanaburi. Now I stop that and focus on a topic I know best with traces of names of the places I visited.
Flowers of the wild ginger plants - Same situation, it is existing but needs plenty plenty work to make better. Not exactly beautiful but cannot be ignored when we trekked through the forest.
My Volkswagen - Totally outdated in style, gives an impression as to how the web pages of early days looks like. Here is evidence of the my first love and also the great times  we all, my family had with the car. That logo of the car and Dalmatian remain for years.

You could also Google my involvement in Multiply, Facebook or Blog under the name of "Khong Tuck Khoon" or "wondersf"

Yes, I know! A well presented website will bring in a lot of admiration while poorly prepared pages will be ignored and sneered upon. There goes the ambiguity in many people's mind and sadly often in my own mind too. Once gain, these websites with their contents were prepared to testify my involvement in the topic. Primarily to record what I did. The information could be used by others but never meant to be boasting about my expertise. It would be nice that a team of person worked on the subject giving it a more balanced presentation and readable format, but I do not have that privilege.

I did it all by myself - I did it "my way". No regrets I feel proud having done all the writing and designing without help, not forgetting the era that I am coming from.

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